Rate the steam profile above you


Rate the steam profile above you out of ten and
don’t forget to always post your steam profile link!

I’ll start:

Also be sure to post some nice comments! :grinning:


Duck Out of Ducks












Pros :

  • good meme (a s c e n d (pic of laser brain thing) achievment thing)
  • lvl 21
  • good amount of items
    Neutral :
  • good profile pic But lack of background behind pic
    Cons :
  • description abit short

7.5 out of 10, good

Last online 462 days ago :frowning:


2/10, url in username is always a fail

beware of weeb shit


0/10 VAC ban
(Already put my steam link so just scroll up)


8/10 I like the colour scheme, a lot of things are blue which may be accidental but looks nice. Now you just need to become level 50 so that the circle is blue :smirk_cat:. Nice meme.


9/10 very aesthetically pleasing, the achievements spelling out the name thing is a little over done tho, but it fits the background you got https://steamcommunity.com/id/tanasinn0108/


Yeah I’m reviving the thread, but it was and still is a good idea.

8/10 Liking the simplistic yet stylish affect. It is leaning a little into the ‘barren’ side of simplistic, however.


yeah alright looks nice, i like the background and artwork, also hitler quote edgy indeed
i will give a 6/10 needs more stuff? i dont know


8 year old girl deserves 10 out of 10


7/10 needs more potato


42/10 Made me blorp multiple times!


11/10 Because he knows how to get the units, good background, good screenshot showcase.


4/10 literally no customization whatsoever besides profile picture https://steamcommunity.com/id/doggy_/


i would have gave it a 10/10 but it had no link to… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgV1O0X4uXI
oh me again