Rate of ghoul coins is a bit slow

After the new items the total cost for halloween items has gone up to 445 ghoul coins.
And as we get a ghoul coin around every five and half minutes, collecting everything will take around ~45 hours of playing the game in an efficient manner.

Given we have 2,5 weeks of time, it would still take 2.5 hours of collecting ghoul coins daily to own every unique item from this update.

What I am proposing is that I think there needs to be a decrease in the cooldown time, some sort of a bonus after gamemodes or maybe some sort of encore week after the event where you can still collect/spend the coins.

as much as i really wanna get all of the halloween items (no seriously they did a good job making these items look so good)

you can’t really do much at this point

you have to grind the hell out of it like its no tomorrow (i almost didn’t get much sleep because of that ngl…)

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The cool down was already reduced, and lots of people are objecting to it being reduced any more. Regardless of your opinion on it, it seems this is the best middle ground between the two groups.

Personally, I think collecting all the items should be a challenge, and require a lot of time. The reduced cool down has made it more accessible, I don’t think it needs to be any more than that.


I’m fine with not getting everything this year, it sort of builds up next year as well.

Yeah, I do completely understand your point of view. It’s just that it’s a little bit too much for an perfectionist with so little time. And I truly think there are people out there with far less time than me.

can understand

on one hand, the devs wants you to earn the coins for just playing and have fun/enjoyment while playing abit longer

but on the other hand, some people don’t have enough time to earn some or all of them

i mean, theres always next year, but waiting for it will be a pain for sure