Raspberry Pi users?

I was curious if anyone here has ever made anything with a Raspberry Pi computer? How easy was it? I’m tempted to build my own portable Sega Genesis with it.

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shouldn’t this be in off-topic/technology section? Someone move this please

Well, I’ve actually just gotten one a few days ago! A portable sega genesis? I mean… Um that would be hard unless you’re talking about an emulator. Then you could handle that in an instant! It’s really just a teensy computer with GPIO abilities. I actually made a python program that uses GPIO (General ??? Input Output) to turn a light off and on, plus it can also translate into morse code. It’s really cool and it really has gotten me into python.

yes, that’s what I mean. But I don’t know how reliable the emulators are.

Ah, it’s not bad… I’ve personally not tried it, but a sega genesis emulator should work.
EDIT: try running this, should be a good emulator for it: apt-get install mednafen
then just run it! find the roms you want and tada… oh wait you don’t have the pi yet… I can test it on mine!