Rare item=trash

Everytime I get a super hard or hard rare item fish, i’ll get trash like a crushed soda can and ruined plane ticket. Can you also make sea dollars more common?

Keep up the good work TU! <3

I think you forgot to make the actual suggestion. Is it that you want actual rare items more often?

yes he does want more rare stuff on harder difficulty catches.

Anyway im pretty sure that the difficulty level of the catching minigame doesn’t increase your chance to get good stuff. it just give you more exp.

I’m completely fine with the current system. I don’t see anything wrong with getting trash from wireframe as they spawn pretty regularly. If you’re waiting for just about 30 seconds with a curly grub one of them will have definetly spawned in 90% of the cases. Higher chance to get rare items (even if slightly) is well and good.

Why does everything have to affect the kind of thing you get?? Sometimes things are there just for the reason of being there. Getting extra exp is more than enough.
Maybe the chance of getting rare items could be increased (if it already isn’t) with difficulty, otherwise the current system, to me, is great.

Sea Dollar
I agree that the Sea Dollar’s drop rate should be increased.