Rare Footage of MacDGuy's Condo

Would’ve taken pictures of the basement but we all got kicked out soon after.
It’s empty.


You should have seen his lobby 1 suite! Anyone here have legendary pictures of it to show!??

I spend more time developing than making condos.


You mean the dev suite from lobby 1 lobby 1?

That thing was fantastic.

If you mean Lobby_2 lobby 1 then he didn’t have one.

Yeah the suite from lobby 1.

I want Lobby 1 back… Too late now… Wish they would have had Server 1 for Lobby 2 & Server 2 for the Old Lobby…


Yeah I also remember being in his condo once. It was pretty classy and he didn’t really build in it, it was mostly furniture. What I remember the most is a starfox trophy standing on a bookshelf. Not sure why that was so memorable.

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