Randomized Dance Moves

For those who have played World of Warcraft for a decent time know how the /dance emote works. It is a pool of like 3 different dance moves specific to that race and play them out in random order for an infinite amount of time.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgUKOdj4CgA (It’s peanut butter jelly time!)

Like for example, you have regular old Dance, then Robot, and Sexy Dance. The game will randomly pair them into a sequence that lasts forever.
D > R > SD > D >SD > R > D > SD > D > D > R > SD (ect ect)
Something to that effect. This allows you to continue dancing and not having to reactivate emotes.


Sounds cool to me.

I like this idea, but it would be really cool to be able to customize the order a bit as well. Something like being able to tap left or right to select different dance while you’re during the current one.

That would be cool, really cool actually! I’d appreciate seeing this.

Ooh! Maybe you could even be able to move while dancing in different directions, ArcheAge style? Though the two ideas might be mutually exclusive… hmm…
EDIT: Oh wow, didn’t mean to necropost there. But I still wanted to get my idea out.