Random Zelda statue in the tower lobby

Today I entered the tower lobby and the screen filter that was supposed to be there from the Halloween update was for some reason missing.

Realizing that this was a client side glitch, I decided to walk around. Then I saw some random player with a Zelda player model standing behind the “coming soon” area. So I did I glitch where I could get over in the area.

I held Q and then I realized that this wasn’t even a player at all. It was a statue that one of the admins must have placed down. You can tell because it has a blue glow effect when my house hovers over it.

Also, I click on it, it is shows the information of the Zelda player model. I forgot to screenshot it. Later, the Zelda statue disappeared.

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Same thing happened today too. I found a Modern Couch, (The Black and White one) an Unlimited Jet pack and a Disco Ball. These are dark days in GMT. And no, they couldn’t be picked up.

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