Random Unexplained Office Chairs

Every time I load up my suite, two mysterious chairs appear here.
This isn’t really a bug as such but the devs should probably know about it.

I will look into this.

the sad music makes it more of a story ahem ahem

there was once a office chair named chairald, chairald was always a shy kid, he normally woulden’t talk to people, but one day, he met the love of his life, the girl was name chairly, she was the most comfortable chair in the world, chairald really wanted to sit on her XD but he never had the chance, most of the time chairly was always happy, but one day, chairald saw her crying to the loss of her dad. chairly never had a single smile on her face.

one day, chairald came over to her suite where she lived…and saw, she had commited chairnoside.

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