Random Frame Drops


I have been playing this game for a good while and the game runs smoothly. But at random points the game will drop my frames from 130-180 FPS to around 8- 25FPS and it will either take a restart or a good 2-4 miniutes to fix the frames back to 130-180. This happens in all gamemodes that I have played in the last few days. Those being Ball Race, Little Crusaders, Mini Golf, Zombie Massacure and even the lobby itself. I have tried the validate the game files and nothing seemed to work with that. Help would be great!

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have you tried running MSI afterburner to check for bottlenecks?

with more updates, the game does get more graphically intensive, but it also gets more intensive to things like your CPU and RAM usage.
if it’s consistent with all game modes it’s probably more likely to be CPU or RAM, as I don’t see any new graphical effects sticking around for that long.

what are your specs?



Intel® Core™ i5-7400CPU @ 3.00GHz
8GBs of Ram
Radeon RX 580


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