Racing Challenge

If any of you remember the Drome Racing Challenge or Lego Racers Challenge from, then I have decided to create a new form of a racing challenge.

Rules: Post your character (It can be any character from any series), choose the team, then build your car. Once we have enough amount of players, We’ll Race!
The teams are:
Catsack Champions
Maldonado’s Melons
Ball Rollers
Dragon Duelers
Spin Spinners
UFO CD Racers (The CD stands for Cats and Dogs)

Car Parts:
Charger (Fast)
Super Charger (Very Fast)
Fusion Charger (Ultra Fast)
Monster (High Grip)
Slicks (High Speed)
Compound (Normal Tyres)

There will be a vote on what course you want to play on.
The Template is this:

I shall start with an example, then the next player places their character and what the car contains
Name: Max Axel

The Team: Ball Rollers

Engine: Charger
Chassis: Medium Chassis
Wheels: Monster

Name: Sterling Archer

“Can someone explain wtf I just signed up for? seriously, what is this?”

The Team: Catsack Champions

Engine: Charger
Chassis: Light
Wheels: Slicks

btw, am I allowed 2 more?

It doesn’t matter, The minimum is 4.

You see back in 2002, there was this Lego Theme called Drome Racers, which was set last year but it is fictional, and there was this Online Game Called “Drome Racing Challenge”.
This is what it looked like

There were 6 teams, H.O.T, R.E.D, Maverick, Nitro, Zero and Exo Force. Lego Racers was a popular theme with the release of a 1999 game called Lego Racers, and then there was a sequel, Lego Racers 2 in 2001, and the last game was called Drome Racers. Drome Racers was a popular theme, running from 2002 to 2004.
And that is why this Forum Game was made because I was having a nostalgia overload seeing as the Drome Racers theme was set last year.

no, that was just meant to be a jokey-character-quote-thing

Shall we get started?
Where shall we go?

  • Ice Mountains
  • Jungle
  • Urban Streets
  • Urban Stadium
  • Beach
  • High Speed
  • Desert
  • Canyon

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I got tired of waiting.

@CalculatorSpoon You going to race if you voted for a track?

We gonna race or what?

No? Welp, Race is over.

Thread is gone.

Or is it? Apparently there is a revival!