Quote each other as far as we can!

I dont know if this will work but im trying it.

Basically everyone will write one sentence of whatever you want while qouting the last persons sentence. I want to see how many qoutes of qoutes of qoutes we can get.

Ill show an example.

I started this topic.

I replied first.

I think this will work?

In practice it doesn’t look that good, multi-quotes don’t seem to overlap.

I don’t think I did it right.

Also, you can remove the [Forum Game]. I started that trend and everybody uses it now <3 but now that Mac added a Forum Game category there’s no need.

You have to qoute each one individually which kinda sucks. But it works.

Lets do it!

I’m too lazy for this!!

Just edit your last post if you have done it already and copy paste most of the first part of it.

Here is a pastebin of all the past qoutes so far to make it easier.

This may get mildly interesting.

It feels like a community art project. Oh wait…

o boi

This is getting tiring.

Oh so that’s how you do it.



You have to quote every post in order.


Okay we will play by the rules.


Sorry if I messed anything up, quoting is significantly harder on mobile.

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sorry to brake the game but the last quote isn’t exact (i’m not Lifeless change it quick! :confused: )