Quick Restart/Auto-Ready/Pause/No AFK Skip For Singleplayer

Trying to master courses is frustrating, even more so when you are struggling with consistency on specific holes. Even if the counter is merely seconds long, it adds up over repeated attempts. I believe a quick restart which reloads the map from either the first hole or chosen hole (provided you’ve completed the previous holes that run) would make achievement hunting less frustrating.

Additionally, it’s heartbreaking to see a good attempt go down the drain when something IRL requires your attention, and you come back to see you’ve gotten TRIPLE BOGEYS on an additional three holes since–in singleplayer. I believe a pause feature (or even vote for additional multiplayer functionality) would better respect players’ time.

On the other hand, if you’re sat down and focused, there should be an toggleable option to enable an auto-ready feature which skips timers and delivers you straight to the next course.