Quick opinion needed from any Animal Crossing players here

Should I buy City Folk/Let’s Go to the City to use with an emulator or just stick with Pocket Camp?

Pocket camp isn’t a very traditional Animal Crossing game i’d say. I highly reccomend playing any of the games before it if you haven’t.


Ok, thanks

Pocket Camp sucks ass. New Leaf is the best in the series and is a cool 20$ on the eShop or in retailers. City Folk is fine if you can’t use other options.


Thanks, all I have is a broken DS, a Wii and Dolphin Emulator so it looks like City Folk is gonna be the one for me

Citra is a free 3DS emulator


I’ve heard of it before but how do I get DS games off the carts btw I don’t pirate stuff

Nevermind I just looked it up, it’s the same as dumping Wii games for use with Dolphin
Thanks for reminding me about Citra though

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If you have Dolphin I would still recommend giving the Gamecube version a try. Even with how simplistic it is compared to New Leaf it’s my personal favorite of the series and it has a lot of features that never returned (15 villagers per town, the raffles, inventory screen customization, etc.)


I actually quite like Pocket Camp, I think it’s pretty good for a cute little phone game.

But if you want something that has a bit more meat to chew on then yeah, you should really give New Leaf a shot. I’m pretty sure the Gamecube “original” and City Folk are pretty solid too aswell.

Just remember to save. For the love of all that is holy never forget.


Aye, of course

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