Questions on Condos (and parties)

So now that Condos are separate from the lobby, how will party announcements work? Maybe broadcast it to the last lobby you were in? Also, will you be able to hop to Condos by going where they would be in the lobby? If so, could you choose to visit someone else’s from there rather than load up your own? And lastly, will there be a server browser for active unlocked public/locked friends Condos?

Great question!

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From what I can guess (and this is NOT official, confirmed information), the condos will still be tied to the lobby server you joined, so the announcements would broadcast to that particular lobby.

The condos (and this part HAS been confirmed) will be joinable by entering the elevator in the Tower Condos area where a menu will pop up showing all current condos (which I assume is all condos tied to the lobby server you’re on).

I think its exactly what Arkive said, where the condo list would be tied in to the current Lobby you are in. If they decide to go for a overall “Condo Browser”, I think they could still do it so you are tied to the lobby you were in on as well as, at the same time, making it so that the different condos are categorized in categories such as “Friends, Parties, …”

But since nothing has been really confirmed, there’s nothing specific at all to base on.

Right now we’re thinking that once you join a Lobby, until you join another Lobby, that Lobby is considered your home.

All notifications, party notifications included, will be transferred to that Lobby.

Your condo is hosted separately from that Lobby, though, as it will always travel with you no matter what Lobby you join (provided you are still joining Ranked Lobbys).

Here’s where the unconfirmed starts to begin. These are simply my goals as the game designer, implementation may vary greatly.

The elevators will let you travel between condos still, but you’ll have to select which condo first. We’re thinking about dropping the hallway aspect completely.

Eventually, the goal is you’ll be able to find condos of members of that Lobby with a 2D list of condo doors (think Monsters Inc). This could easily change as we play test, though.

Another goal of ours is to let players search all condos that people publish to the public.