Questions About Mutators

As was revealed by the IndieGoGo stretch goals, TU will be gaining gameworld mutators. So far, we don’t know much beyond what’s shown on the IndieGoGo page.

It’s kind of assumed that mutators come bundled with the Upgrade store when that releases. While this may or may not be true, it is certainly possible that mutators are not too far off (though it is worth noting that the Trello card is filed under “No Planned Dates”). I’d like to know some more details about mutators, if these details have been decided. Since this is still an unfinished feature I do not expect everything to have been fully planned yet; I’m just curious what the current plan is. So, I have a few questions about mutators and how they work.

  1. How will mutators be made available? That is, will they be free to everyone, will they need to be purchased, or will they need to be unlocked?
  2. If purchased, is it a one use item or an unlocked feature (like the condos)?
  3. How will mutators be applied? Will players vote on available mutators before the game starts, or will players “use” the mutators if they want it to be applied?
  4. Will mutators be available to people starting gameworlds from the main menu?
  5. Will mutators be in effect for the entire game, or just a single round in the game with each round potentially featuring a different mutator?
  6. Can multiple mutators be in effect?
  7. To what extent will mutators alter gameplay? That is, will they simply alter existing values or can they add completely new rules to the game?
  8. Will mutators ever alter the payouts of the gameworlds?
  9. Will mutators ever be available to non-gameworld activities (like bowling)?

I know that’s a lot of questions, but I’m looking forward to this feature and am very curious about how it will look.

  1. Free to everyone, but we wouldn’t rule out some mutators being unlocked at the stores.
  2. If they were unlocked in the stores, it would work like the Condos (one time).
  3. The idea is that mutators are selected by the host when making a server. We have briefly talked about voting.
  4. Yes.
  5. Entire game.
  6. Yes, but some can override others.
  7. New rules.
  8. We have yet to rule that out.
  9. Unsure.

TBH I’m pretty happy that mutators will be closer to commonplace alt rulesets than some novelty item you have to buy