Question on the four party gamer perk

So i recently just bought this with my friends because we really like gmod tower and saw that this gives an enthusiast perk and i was wondering if we all get this perk or just one person because it would person get all these cool things out of us 4 because it would be pretty lame if it was like that :\

Should move to Indiegogo, but anyways it’s just for 1 person.

Each of you could also get the $15 version and you’ll all be able to get the Trophy and the Steam Early Access key + the perks from the $2 tier for only $10 more than Four Party Gamer ($60), if you would rather have your friends get the same perks as you or you don’t care about the perks, but if you want the perks from Enthusiast (the digital soundtrack, the speed shoes, and Early Alpha key), you either have no choice in the $50 pack or you would have to spend $20 per person ($80) to get the perks for everyone else.

Aww ok thanks for helping me