Question For The Community!

Hello everyone! I was just wondering what is the first thing you are going to do when you get tower unite? :toilet:

Well considering I’m in the alpha, the first thing I will do when the steam alpha releases next week is test out the server browser or provided that the distribution software is also released, I will try setting up a server and then connecting to it to see how it goes.

Im going to go to my Condo and see all the furniture and features that are available. :blush:

@JamesDaGames Wait, it comes out next week? Ooo.

Yep, the current aim is to have it available to backers on the 22nd of August (This coming saturday) :smiley:

First thing I did on the alpha was checking out the condos and seeing how the new color system worked. As for the next alpha, I am really hyped to see how the Soundscape system works (assuming it’s going to be in) and to see how Ball Race actually works in Multiplayer (now that it no longer has that major flaw).

First thing I’m going to do is Play it.


The first thing I did was play around with the canvases, as I already have Alpha access. Canvases will be pretty important when I get to playing. Other than that, not much, as not much is really available to mess with.

Open steam.

DISCLAIMER: This was not a final date and may be changed.

I’m on the alpha soooo
The first thing i did when i came is download the game Kappa

I went to condos because i really wanted to see how it works :wink: