Question about trading cards

How are trading cards going to work? In free to play games, you have to pay ~$10 in microtransactions, dlc, subscriptions, etc. But because TU has no payments, you can not earn them. This would make it impossible to get a single trading card. A similar thing happened to the game ‘No More Room in Hell’, in which cards were only obtainable via pre-alpha codes for testers. This made it cost literally HUNDREDS of dollars to complete the full badge set. How will trading cards work in a f2p game with no transactions?

Are you talking about Steam Trading Cards or Tower Unite Trading Cards? I must have missed the part about there being a fully fledged card game in Tower Unite.

Tower Unite’s $15, so it’s not f2p. You’ll probably be able to get trading cards like any other paid game w/o microtransactions, like HL2, Garry’s Mod, or Bit.Trip Runner 2.

Assuming Tower Unite goes for trading cards and all that jazz, it should work pretty much like any other game.
You get half or less of the set just by spending a few hours playing the game. Then you earn more through trading or buying through the market place. Sometimes you get a booster pack.

About the steam marketplace… Will Tower Unite support it for in game items or it’s just steam inventory?

No. Free to play games do not get cards via time. This is done so people do not create a ton of accounts to farm and sell cards for free games and sell them.


Well that answers you question doesn’t it? Since Tower Unite isn’t free to play, it should function like any other paid game that provides trading cards.

Just as Caboose said, Tower Unite is not a free to play game.
Tower Unite will be sold for $15 on Steam (with a small discount for GMT donors).

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Well I feel like an idiot. I for some reason thought TU was f2p

It’s all good.

Yeah we’ll be doing the time approach to Trading Cards.

We are still debating about the Steam Marketplace. I feel this is an important decision that needs to be made with the community’s interest and voice first. Steam Marketplace could give worth to in-game items and would alter Tower Unite drastically. We won’t be looking into Steam Marketplace until after release.

Hmm, I already got some trading card ideas:

  • Condo Garden
  • Slaughterday Night Live
  • Accelerate Course
  • Minigolf Course
  • Midori
  • Cloud World
  • Jetpack
  • Plaza
  • Accelerate Cart

Badge Level Names: (they are very vague though)

Lvl 1: Casual Gamer
Lvl 2: Server Searcher
Lvl 3: Gameworld Adept
Lvl 4: Proficient Player
Lvl 5: Legacy

Foil badge (lvl 1): Difference Maker
(Foil badge (lvl 2): Extreme Difference Maker) Foil badges are usually level 1 max.

wot do u think

@Radek I feel like naming trading cards after donator exclusive items is a little insulting to non-donors…

Maybe they could be based off of game modes?

  • Main tower
  • Condos
  • Slaughterday night live
  • Ball race

And so on.

That’s better, I think these are good ideas for trading card names.

I also think that maybe there should be some trading cards of things we already have cinematic shots of, because Trading Card artwork could always inspire someone to play the game if they think it looks really good.

Ugh, please don’t :fearful: . It makes it seem pay to win, infact, it’s heading that direction. Pay to get this, pay to get that. You said yourself in the campaign you don’t like P2W, Microtransactions and stuff. By bringing in the steam market, that’s what you’re adding. :smile:

Hmm, that is possible. I’ll think of some other names, and maybe a little more trading cards, even though I think 9 cards is enough.

Well that’s why we wouldn’t do anything unless everyone is absolutely on board with it and that also means the community.

I personally agree with you that it would turn into a nasty situation.

From what I can tell, trading cards (At least steam trading cards) wouldn’t make the game P2W unless whatever cards you had in your inventory affected gameplay. If the badge you craft changes your overall experience of tower, that would be P2W

But my terraria cards don’t make me live longer, my GRiD cards don’t make me drive faster and my NEKOPARA cards… well…

Trading cards are harmless, people buy them and sell them, but that isn’t ingame, so players are largely unaffected by cards :blush:

They were talking about a Tower Unite market. TU trading cards would be part of the Steam Market.

I’ve spoken to one of the developers and card’s wont be coming until full release if it all works out. We’ll see how it works out though :smile: