Question About Lobby 3 and Items

The screenshots for the Toy Stop show a bunch of items that aren’t buyable in the game right now, like the toy trains, xylophone, Playsystem, or maybe even the toys’ packaging:

When Lobby 3 releases (or maybe before then), will these items become buyable?


i hope the xylophone will be playable just like the piano

Maybe the Play system is an arcade machine for condos?


God I hope so

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It’s been a really long time, but I have a feeling that the planned system for programmable arcade games (now called “metacade”, apparently) was once confirmed to extend to condos.
I’m not sure what the current plan is, but the arcade system (if I remember correctly) was always supposed to be a cross-game project and seeing as Zach still replies to these forums when it’s brought up, there’s still a big chance we’ll be getting it for Tower and, in turn, condos.

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Sorry if i’m being dumb but where did these pictures come from?!

The pictures came from the Discord server. There’s a forum thread that posts images from the Discord to the forums: [56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek

Thank you!