Question about Indiegogo perks

So yeah, the $50 perk gets me 3 more copies for my friends, while the higher perk ($60) doesn’t include any extra copies at all but instead gives you a golden watch.

What do I do if I want 3 extra copies AND the golden watch? Do I really have to spend over $100 for that?

Sorry if that has been asked before but I really want to give my friends Tower Unite but still have a golden watch

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I think so, yeah. I would assume the perks include only what they describe, so the $60 tier will get you the golden watch but not the extra keys and the $50 tier will get you the keys but not the watch.

I find that really sad. I would pledge $65 but if it doesn’t give me the extra copies I’m gonna go for $50 instead.

I don’t find it sad at all. I see that really fair. For a game that cost’s $15 dollars, for only $50 bucks your going to get 4 Keys. Your already saving $10 bucks, and your getting access for you and 3 other friends to the Alpha versions.

However if your like me (friends already bought keys), I would think the $60 Dollar Tier would be best for me (even though I went for $75), because for that not only do I get a Key and Closed Alpha Access, but I also get various goodies in game.

It’s a matter of, what do you want more? But It’s certainly not SAD.

I almost did that as well, though I had to look more clearly. Thought it was a steal myself, so it’d have been real unfair to the devs.

It’s pretty fair honestly. It keeps the watch an exclusive item while allowing you the option to save money on extra copies.