Question About GMod Tower: Reunion (Exclusive TU Items)

Alright so I’ll make this quick.

If I participate in the GMod Tower: Reunion event coming up, will I become eligible to receive the exclusive, classic GMod items in Tower Unite (such as the gold trophies and plates)?

I was too unfortunate to never know about GMod Tower until TU came out, and so now I’m just trying to figure out what my opportunities are, and if I’ll have the chance to snatch these desirable items. :stuck_out_tongue:

If by any chance they did cover this topic in their announcement of the reunion, then my bad lol. :smirk:

From what I recall, they said they likely would not do that, but were considering having a new exclusive item for those who play Reunion.
However, it’s possible I’m misremembering or their stance has changed since then.


No, the original database is what it used for GMT items.

For Reunion, we’ve duplicated this database, and the Reunion database will not be used for GMT items.

Only if you played GMT before it’s original shutdown will you be eligible for the items.


Sorta a let-down, but thanks for the answer! I’ll check out the reunion nevertheless. Thank you for you dedicated, hard work! :kissing_heart:

any reunion exclusives for tu?