Question about donating

so i donated and stuff and it says there will be a backer plaque located in the Plaza… i didnt really get to choose the name i wanted so i was wondering how that works im not sure if the plague will be stuck with whats its with right now or if i get to choose again? ALSO i think i heard you guys saying that the accounts will be connected through steam… so how will my donation connect to my steam account? do i get a code or someething? sorry for asking

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Thank you for supporting us! Access to backer-only updates and polling, backer tag beside your name in the scoreboard of the game, your name on a backer plaque located in the Plaza, and desktop backgrounds.
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I’m pretty sure there is going to be an e-mail sent to all backers asking what name they would like on the plaque/bricks/clothing items, etc.

thanks now i just need to know about the last bit

A code for your Indiegogo perk items will most likely be redeemed on steam, as your inventory items will be steam-based.