Question about Condos

So late August my Condo lost all furniture aside from Posters and my Obama Cutout. My condo has yet to be fixed, Which i’m fine waiting for, My question is, Will my lost items carry over to TU Even though they’re missing from my Condo?

If it’s not fixed by then, I don’t think so.
Have you used the form on the GMTower website to request a condo rollback?

If yes, it might also be a good idea to contact @macdguy on these forums, too.
I’ll give him a poke and mention this thread for you, he should be able to help you sort it out.

That’s actually something I also thought about. I didn’t check if my condo got killed, but if it did, then I think I should request a setback so I get the items in my condo converted for TU.

Tbh I’m probably just going to pack all of my junk up and store it in the safe until TU comes out, I’m rarely in the condos at the moment anyways.

This is what I’ve done, mainly as I’m not in the condos that much but I also want to safeguard my stuff just in case my condo dies for whatever reason and so I only have items in my condo that I don’t mind losing should something happen.

I have PMed him, and I did get a reply but nothing has been done yet (as far as I can tell) I’m pretty sure they’re busy working on TU and I’m not sure if GMT is still considered a priority. Like I said, I’m fine with my Condo not having it’s items as long as they will for sure carry over to TU.

I thought about doing that, but does it actually help?

The items in my vault (The 2 playermodels I had at the time) Stayed perfectly fine when everything else (aside from other items) was lost

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Im tempted to just put my current stuff that i’ve bought in the meantime into my vault, but I’m not sure if they’d get removed when (and if) someone fixes my condo

I believe rollbacks only affect the contents of the condo, not the vault.
With that said, to avoid gaining extra items/money from it, leave anything that’s still placed in the condo. Putting anything in the vault might leave you with duplicates.

I’ll reset it tonight.

Thanks, I appreciate it, Sorry for bugging you guys about it, I was just curious about it

Gah, I’m really sorry. I got completely caught up with crap tonight, I’ll have to fix it tomorrow.

No worries, I dont blame you for being busy

I hopped on GMT Earlier today and noticed my Condo is still broken, Are you still working on it, Or did I not notice my missing items sooner than I should of

Check your PMs.