Question about backing!

I just now noticed on the payment page there was an option to choose a perk, it was defaulted to “No perk, I just want to contribute.” I’ve just realised I never touched this when making my pledge. Will I still get the perk I paid the amount for?

Probably not unfortunately. You might either need to contact one of the guys at Pixeltail or Indiegogo.

First I’d check if you can use the Upgrade to a Higher Perk feature, then I’d go with Caboose’s suggestion.

I sent an email in to them, hopefully they can resolve it for me. :smile:

You can upgrade your perk on Indiegogo. Just go to My Contributions and click Upgrade to Higher Priced Perk.

If you don’t assign yourself a perk, you’ll be defaulted to a perk that fits your contribution amount.

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Thanks Mac, and congratulations on (almost) being completely funded! <3