Question about backer rewards and my steam account being linked

Hi there, I backed TU but one of the codes is intended for someone as a gift, but since I bought it it’s under my account.
Now I put in all the backer information you guys requested but I was wondering, are the backer rewards both going to be linked to my account even though he redeemed one on his steam?

So, example:
I bought us both the $30 packs and they come with effects, speed shoes and headphones and a trophy for in-game, what will happen with those?
Are they attached to the steam key or are they linked to my backer reward panel and the steam account linked to that?

Also, I don’t remember which key I gave him, is there a way to find out which account the keys are redeemed to? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much in advance for any help!

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They are linked to the Steam account that is linked to the backer reward panel.

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Okay, so when it is released, I’ll get double the rewards? 2x headphones etc etc?
Is there a way to figure out which key I gave him and possibly transfer the code to him instead if that’s the case?

If you bought two seperate $30 packs, you should have two keys for the backer panel, I’d assume.
Give one to your friend and direct them to the backer panel.