Question about alpha

So I heard that the next alpha build will be released on Steam, and not how the alpha 0.0.2 was released. However, the Indiegogo page states that Steam Early Access will not start until 2016 (unless I’m confusing that with the full release). Does this mean the next alpha build will be on Steam Early Access, or will it be separate from that? Also, if it is Steam Early Access, does that mean everyone that backed more than $10/$15 will be able to play on the next alpha build?
Sorry for the stupid question, I’m just confused about this.

I believe you can upload a game to Steam and issue keys, without it having a Store Page. All that would happen would when it goes into Early Access, all our keys would upgrade from the Alpha and Early Access, and then eventually to Final, without any intervention.

The alpha is a separate program from the Steam Early Access. It’s very work in progress, buggy, and featureless release but it’s for backers who want access before the public release.

The Steam Early Access is the public release of the game.

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so the Steam Alpha is going to be separate from Steam Early Access?

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Let me illustrate with a timeline:

IndieGogo ------------------ Now --- IndieGogo Ends------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mid 2016
            \                                            \                                                                                    \
            Non-Steam Alpha (Closed)                      Steam Alpha (Closed)                                                                 Early Access (Public)

Thanks for the clarification. :relaxed:

This is clearly beautiful! :joy: :clap:

Mid 2016? I thought plans were slotted for March?

Edit: Re-checked the IGG page, under Risks & Mitigations, it says about (eight months), so April. Has this goal been postponed? Nothing wrong with that, as games really do well by being put off. Gives the community more time to help.