Question about $15000 milestone

Since I was a bit late to the party (I backed after the campaign had reached its goal), can someone link me to any announcements PixelTail made as to what the $15000 milestone is?

The Stretch Goal part isn’t accurate, but the parts above $50,000 are legit.

I believe it was a special item that makes you throw fake (Units) on the floor, making it rain.

This is true. You can find it under the “Updates” tab of the TU IndieGogo page. To copy/paste from the update…

Wow, we already reached our first milestone!
Thank you all for getting us this far. To celebrate this wonderful milestone, all backers will receive a special digital item!

This equippable digital item will let you really show off by giving you the ability to make it rain Unit bills*. *Unit bills are not redeemable at the stores as they are fake.
Let’s keep up the pace! We’re only 5K away from our next milestone! Keep spreading the word about how awesome Tower Unite is!