Question #708 is wrong

The question is a true/false: “In “Super Mario 64”, collecting 100 coins on a level will give you a 1-UP.”

The actual correct answer is true, since you get 1ups for every 50 coins when you finish a level.
I guess technically you might not finish the level and thus not get the 1up, but the question is a bit misleading. I’d say either change the question to say “immediately give you” and not change the answer, or change it to “may give you” and change the answer to true.

Uh…you just said yourself that the question isn’t wrong. Collecting 50 coins gives a 1 up, not 100. 100 would get you 2. So, technically, isn’t not wrong.

the question is misleading and make me cry.


getting 100 coins in a stage gets you a star btw

Well, you could say collecting a hundred gets you a second one-up

Well, yeah. I said that. But that’d only be true if the question was “Collecting 100 coins gets you 2 one ups”.

But the question should be rephrased to “In Super Mario 64 collecting 50 coins and completing a level gets you a 1-UP.”

Well, In my eyes, the Jedi are evil!


Perhaps the “will” could just be changed to “immediately,” that way there’s no possible misinterpretation. Since the player has to finish the stage before they collect their 1-ups, they clearly don’t immediately get the 1-up even though having 100 coins could later award a 1-up.

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