Quake-III-like medals in Slaughterday Night Live

The name explains it all, badges that earn you extra units at the end of a match that you earn for doing certain things in a battle.
Like landing consecutive shots with a sniper rifle or whatever equivalent planned (like Q3’s impressive medal), getting a melee kill (Q3’s humiliation medal), getting two kills in a few seconds (Q3’s excellent medal), killing multiple players without dying, killing an airborne player with a direct hit rocket/grenade (idk what weapons are planned for the gameworld), and various other medals that each earn you units depending on how many you get.
I think this’d be a fun addition and give more ways to earn money in the gameworld! Note this is different from achievements, you can earn multiple medals of the same type in a single match, though there could be achievements for getting a number of medals in a lifetime.
Also whether or not this is added to the game, feel free to suggest other medals besides the ones I listed!

These while cool don’t need their own new system for it and could just be additional payouts given at the end of a round/game. Rather than a brand new badges/medals system that will only be used for that gamemode.


Fair enough, I was thinking less of it being a separate system and more just a fun way to display what you’ve achieved ahead of time before the payouts, and then paying it out at the end of the match. And since you mention it, something similar could easily be implemented into other gameworlds as well, besides just SDNL.

Anyway I came up with some other medal ideas besides the ones mentioned.
Some obvious ones I missed would be a double kill (with a rocket, grenade, or shotgun), headshot kills, combo kills (using multiple weapons to kill one player), different medals for earning a certain amount of kills with a specific weapon in one match, and I feel like there’d be quite a bit of weapon specific medals, like the aforementioned consecutive rifle kills.
You should also be able to keep track of how many medals of each type you have, as well as (I think I already mentioned this) earn achievements for getting a certain number of a specific medal.