[QoL for] Nightclub displays should have preset auto-generated waveforms for all Media

Ok so here’s the deal, we all know the Nightclub doesn’t have its badass music sync lights anymore, and that’s not something that can be helped. Since Soundcloud decided to be a band of petty little pissbabies and remove the waveform data from their API (the only reason people even bother using their shitty site anyway…), the nightclub can no longer register the soundcloud audio for its music sync.

That being said, why not instead just let audio have an auto-generated (or at least premade) waveform data appear that is just randomly selected from a list and just plays/repeats until the next song is played.

Additionally you can change the pattern on the trails to be different effects, like waves, bubbles, wibbles, etc, with the controller on the stage, much like how an actual DJ Technician would.

Either way, the Nightclub would at least get some of its party vibe back.

The nightclub got boring since the music light sync is gone. It would be awesome if the DJ could control the area. I would like to see phase 2 for the nightclub.

I’m actually quite sad and disappointed that the Nightclub Screen Wall was made a Spin 2 Win 2 item. This was the golden opportunity to make it a Nightclub milestone