Pxls.space (R/place inspired website) TU art!

pxls.space is a website with canvases that rotate out similar to r/place but much better made i’ve got the chance to put the TU logo and a catsack!

i always wanted to put TU on r/place but never had the manpower to create or maintain it but this was my chance.

It’s uhh at the time being lit on fire by some griefers and don’t have a picture what it was before hand but this is what it should have looked like

SO if anybody wishes to help me rebuild/defend the TU art on the canvas heres the link with my template attached:


and i recommend switching the style to numbers or lowering the opacity using the cog on the upper right under the template tab.



As of making this post this is what it looks like :c

I never used r/place during the event. Does people ever played Tower Unite?