PVP Weapon selection

I haven’t seen the game mode as a whole on the forums very much, but I’m not here to talk about PVP as a whole. In Gmod Tower you could use the money you made to buy better weaponry. My question to you is what specific weapons and types of weapons would you like to see?

I very much enjoyed the selection that Gmod Tower had (Especially the XM-8) and would love to see more overpowered weaponry. Specifically…

-A Gauss Rifle to replace the AS50, that only has one shot before reload and has a charge up, but is an insta-kill no matter where it hits you, AND, the projectile will continue through the first body and kill a second person if the shot is lined up perfectly

-Maybe some form of LMG

What are your hopes and dreams for weapons in new PVP?

Just bring back my akimbos and I’m a happy man.

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I want enough weapons to be added that are different enough while being good in one sense, while weaker in another sense, so that a meta doesn’t develop where the best loadout is a general set of guns that are objectively better than their counter parts, like PVP battle already has.

To answer your question: All of them.

Ditto :smiley:

Get ready for spray & prays! :joy:


cannon blast gun that blast you with paint on you.