Purging Accelerate's leaderboards

A brief preamble sentence summarizing the contents of this post: The time trial scores need to be purged do to a drastic change of drifting mechanics making specific scores prior to the change virtually unfeasible to currently achieve.

As mentioned above, in my humble opinion due to the most recent tweaks to the drift mechanics drastically altering the drift angle to be substantially smaller along with other numerous more negligible edits should constitute the prompt removal and purging of Accelerate’s leaderboards. These edits to how drifting drifting functions detrimentally impeding the user’s abilities to preform tight shortcuts along with retaining a trajectory sufficient to hug the inner barriers of gradual curves. Certain tactics also derived from the old drift to obtain miniscule time saves that compound over the time trial to ultimately shave off a couple of much necessary seconds are also now impossible, such as being able to chain drift in a straight line without veering to a particular side or wobbling. To put it simply the new drifting has eliminated crucial tactics to save seconds unintentionally permanently locking some times achieved prior to the drift tweaks at the top of Accelerate’s leaderboard.

The reason I’m submitting this post to the forum is also one of concern, since passing top scores are no longer feasible it could be logically speculated that players trying to stake a claim in Accelerate’s leaderboards could become dissuaded from doing so due to the futility of these contemporary circumstances. This could potentially negatively harm Accelerate in the long run though to a significantly lesser extent as acquiring fast times in Accelerate is a relatively niche hobby that a scarce few players take to a competitive degree.





While I agree with purging the leaderboards, it might be better to do so after Accelerate leaves Alpha in case more changes are made that drastically impact race times.

Also while we’re on the topic of time trials, it’d be nice to have the powerups removed or to be more consistent. Right now, getting a singular melon vs a golden melon is a huge time difference.