Purchasable Idle/Walk Animations

(Idea stolen from X marks it)

It’d be cool if there were different idle animations, walk animations, or maybe emotes to buy at the appearance store whenever that gets added to the plaza.

For idle animations you could get stuff like the drunk or sassy animations NPCs have, or for walk animations you could get the weird dance the milk carton does. The walk animations or emotes could probably be milestones too, so you could get the Virus infected run animation as a milestone, or the knights’ salute from LC as an emote for any playermodel.

Yes please, put it the store rrmm said above, i think that adding these and a bunch of other stuff will allow for tons more customisation, and like rrmm said, tying in the exp from each game world will allow you to progress and get interesting emotes, items and such.

(shameless promotion for my suggestions that will tie into this hopefully giant (PLAYER CUSTOMISATION UPDATE) which all these ideas would be perfect for)

I’ve been wanting this for so long, really hope we get something like this soon.

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if they add them i would like the icons to be vhs with a little image preview of the animations on a bit similar way to tf2.


GTA Online has this feature, too. You can change how your character swings their arms/torso while walking as well as their idle standing animation. If it can be worked into Tower, it’d be a nice addition.


Fortnite dance my way to the Casino

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Maybe workshop support for custom animations? No idea how that would work but more customisation options the better imo.

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I would rather have animations tied to the playermodels your using, creators could assign custom ones and it just works better that way imo.

If we do get purchasable walk animations i hope we’ll get something like these:

I’m all for custom workshop animations instead of buying them straight up. It would add another creation aspect to the game and allow for some crazy stuff. Since everyone uses the same rig for player models it shouldn’t be that hard to animate something, just let people browse for animations like they do player models and assign em’ to a state like walking or jumping.

Actually now that I think about it we could just have both things and everyone wins.

let me do the default dance i need it in order to live