Purchasable Animation "Sets"

i’d love to see animation “sets” you could purchase (ex: the milk man’s unique animations being one) & equip them for use across all models, workshop or not, since they all use the same armature. i imagine that you could purchase these like you would any cosmetic, just in their own unique category

i think it’d be cool to have like, milestones with animations reflecting the gameworld it’s from, like a set that makes you run like a little crusaders knight or an infected from virus all alongside other unique sets

I was just thinking about this the other day, I thought it could also be cool if you could buy separate animations (idle, walking, running, jumping, sitting, etc) so you could mix and match them (like for example you could walk normally but run like the virus infected and do a flip every time you jump).

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for the sake of precedent, roblox has an almost identical system for their avatars, and i’d say it works pretty nicely

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I actually suggested this nearly 5 years ago and it garnered some positive responses, and I’m still hoping it’s something we’ll see sometime in the future.


There’s also an alternative running animation since I subbed the Spyro PM in Garry’s Mod.

Fairly certain models like that, provided it’s not anthropomorphized, use an entirely different skeleton and custom animation set.

I’d like to see purchasable animation sets to use in the plaza. We do need more emotes after all. Also being able to use community workshop animations in condos would be a plus as well. Maybe Mac can have animation contests as well so at the end of the month people can vote and have a workshop emote become official.