PSA: Reminder to vote TU for "The Labor of Love Award" category

Help support Tower Unite in possibly THE most fitting category description for this game.


I forgot this was happening, and heck yeah! PT does some amazing things in this game, and they clearly have a lot of passion for what they do!


Thanks for the reminder this was happening!

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Already did :+1:

With the size of our playerbase, there really is no point honestly

I mean CS is definitely going to win but it’s still worth putting TU imo.

To shift just a little, while TU would be a great nomination, I’m also rooting for Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades. That title has been devved for like 3 years and most of the non-art stuff was just one dude doing nearly weekly updates for ages straight. Really impressive.

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I don’t really know what games to put in the other categories, anyone care to give some suggestions?

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I’m having the same issue, the only games I’ve played that have come out this year are console exclusive.

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I went to my games tab and sorted all by release date. The ones that I thought could apply to an award, I nominated. After that, it got a bit more arbitrary…

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