Pruning some of the obsolete sections


Been meaning to bring this up for awhile but have you guys considered grouping the obsolete sections into an archives section. Gmod tower is closed and elevator source and cinema aren’t being supported anymore, so I was thinking maybe just group them up in a read-only Archives section. Also, the management section has been completely pointless for awhile now, since it now just houses one thread that could just as easily be put into the Announcements section. Was just a thought that crossed my mind. Could help tidy up the place a bit. I’m super OCD, so it just kinda bugs me a little. Hardly important, though. Just thought it couldn’t hurt to mention it.

EDIT: Forgot about the hosted servers section. Wasn’t that just for the private alpha servers?


I did some cleanup:

  • Moved elevator source and cinema into an archived category. I cannot move GMod Tower to that category due to Discourse restrictions.
  • Moved hosted servers to a hidden section that only admins can see.
  • Updated the join discord thread to be only one post and moved it to General.
  • Moved the trello roadmap pin to the Trello category and renamed that category to Roadmap: Trello Updates to make it more clear that the trello category is for the roadmap of the game.
  • Removed the Management category
  • Moved the ban report and appeal into a new Support category called Report Users / Ban Appeals
  • Bumped Community Showcase above Introductions
  • Increased the amount of topics shown for Announcements from 4 to 6.


I too am a bit OCD about that kinda stuff and had been subconsciously thinking the forum could use a little spring cleaning (or fall?) for inactive threads. Nice! :slight_smile:


Nice. Looks a lot better now but if it’s not possible to move the gmod tower section into that new section, what about moving the elevator source and cinema sections into the Gmod tower section? You could rename the section to like Gmod Gamemodes or something like that, create a Gmod tower section, move all the Gmod tower topics into that section, and then move the elevator source and cinema sections into there. Just a thought. If not, it’s still way better than it was. Also, not sure if it’s intentional but clicking on the ban appeals category gives an access denied message.


I was able to move the GMod Tower section into the archived area.


I also moved Questions into as a sub category for General. And I added sub-category lists to the front pages of most categories.


Awesome. Looks way nicer now.


Just realized a couple more weird layouts things that hadn’t occurred to me before. Shouldn’t the Introductions section be near the top? If you want people to introduce themselves, it should definitely be near the top. Then, there’s the issue with the three development related categories. There’s Announcements, Developments, and the Roadmap Updates. That’s not an issue but what is weird is how General is just randomly stuck in between them, instead of just having all three in a row. Personally, I think this order would make the most sense:

Roadmap: Trello Updates
And then everything else can stand in the order it’s in

Edit: Just had another quick thought. Maybe consider merging Announcements, Developments, and Roadmap: Trello Updates. The description of the Announcements category is “Get the latest news on the development of Tower Unite and other PixelTail games related announcements.” and all the stuff in Developments and the Roadmap are definitely all development-related.