Provisional Specification for Condos in Tower Unite

Hey everyone, we’re ready to share our draft for specifications on how the condos will work in Tower!

Like all draft provisional specifications, this is all open for discussion.

#Tower Unite Condo Specification v1.1


  • Condo: a server with inventory and layout data based on a single player.
  • Owner: the player who owns a Condo and the item instances in the condo. There can only be one owner.
  • Visitor: a player who is visiting a Condo physically in 3D.
  • State: the visibility and join parameters of a Condo.
  • Condo Door: physical door that is a link between your Condo and your associated Lobby.
  • Associated Lobby: the lobby the Owner has decided to associate their account with.
  • Condo NPC: an NPC that handles displaying a GUI that lets the player host or join a condo from the 2D standpoint.

##Condo States:


  • Anyone can join
  • Anyone can search for the condo

###Invite Only

  • Only Owner approved can join
  • Anyone can search for the condo
  • Steam Friends are automatically approved


  • No one can join
  • No one can search for the condo

##Ownership Parameters:

###If you are the Owner you can…

  • Change the State
  • Manage Visitors
    • Approve Visitors to join (if invite only Condo State)
    • Invite new Visitors
    • Kick and ban Visitors from the Condo
  • Manipulate items
    • Edit item position and appearance
    • Lock items from being moved or used
    • Use all items
  • Add/approve media
  • Approve Visitors to move/edit item instances

###If you are a Visitor you can…

  • Allow or deny canvas loading
  • See the condo’s genuine percent
  • Use most items, provided they are not locked from use
  • Request media

##How You Can Enter a Condo

###Through 2D

  • Through the main menu
  • You can search public or invite only condos globally.
  • You can host your own Condo

###Through 3D

  • Physical doors in the Tower in the Lobby
  • 100 maximum Condo Doors per Lobby
  • Each Owner who is associated with that Lobby will have a Condo Door to physically represent their Condo when they are in it
  • Each door has different appearance based on its status
    - Public
    • Lights are on
    • Door is slightly ajar
- Invite only
    - Lights are on
    - Door is closed
- Not in condo or in singleplayer mode
    - Lights are off
  • Directory
    • Lists all available player condos
    • Interaction with list teleports you directly outside of the Condo Door
  • Condo NPC
  • You can host your own Condo and have it be directly associated with the Lobby
  • You can search public and invite only condos associated with the lobby or globally.

##Coming soon: Handling Steam Group Condos…

Revision 1.1, 11/17/2015: removed dynamically creating floors. There will now always be 100 condo doors to let us properly build lighting and have it look incredible.


Wow, I’m glad to see the 3D part will make a return! So I’m guessing each floor will generate as soon as it passes the threshold? For instance, if there are currently 40 condos, which means 2 floors. As soon as the condo count hits 41, will another floor get created?

Although I don’t think a slightly ajar door would be THAT nice to indicate that a condo is public. Maybe brighter lights, or lights of a different color?

Or perhaps the door is open completely.

Well thought system! I thought the 3D condo handling would disappear, and I’m glad to know I was wrong.


I like that the 3D element is staying and I think this is a great way of managing condos overall. Great work. :slight_smile:

Sounds pretty well planned!

Question, though, what’s the possibility of giving specific users privileges of permissions within your own condo? I’d very much like to give those to my friends so they can perform specific owner-only activities.

What if you’re friends with a lot of people and you don’t want them all to come in? I know I have quite a few steam friends
EDIT: Perhaps a toggle option in game? Also, with steam intergration, (with this option ON) maybe the “Join Game” button on friends could put you in the condo, not just the lobby its in?

I love that you can physically go to a player’s condo while in a lobby, like gmtower. I was kinda disappointed earlier in the year because I thought it was going to be only in the main menu. I also really like how your condo door will still be shown if your not there, big feature in my opinion. Awesome work, guys. Keep it up!


This is something we are still thinking about a bit. I’d personally like to see a permission system similar to that of modern forum software with different levels of authorization.

This is something I’ve thought about as well. I kinda figured that if you didn’t want that person, you’d ban them from your condo.

However, I could just as easily just make it have a checkbox to turn off automatically allowing your Steam friends. Which is probably gonna happen.

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