Projector options?

This isn’t necessary for right now or anything, but it would be nice if we had image rotation or keystone correction options for the projectors. I want to mount my projector to the ceiling, but it ends up upside-down and skewed if I try projecting it somewhere, so as of right now I can’t put it there, which is unfortunate.

Also tweaking the light because it sometimes is too dark, I think

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It’s easy to do this.

Build a tower of items/ furniture up towards the ceiling, leaving a gap for the projector. Put the projector on top and remove the furniture. It will stay in the air, if it still works like GMT

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Yeah, Items that aren’t physical will stay still

You could even set up a Picture Slideshow maybe!

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Or maybe PowerPoints!

(kind of joking but would be kind of cool to see)

Sounds awesome XD

Just imagine.
Buisiness meetings inside Tower Unite.
Sounds awesome! Yeah :smiley:

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Even important business man can play games for work :3