Projected full release date of Tower Unite?

I was most curious what sort of projected release date the dev team is aiming for with Tower Unite. Would you be willing to share your current goal of when you hope to do your full release by? This question must have crossed the mind of others at some point.

I always like to follow the business behind the game, since it isn’t just about the game for me, but also the all the behind the scenes aspects, devs, etc. This is for my own interest, being a BBA graduate, and general curious nature for the reason mentioned. You could say I am a brand based shopper, like Blizzard, Square Enix, etc. :3

I play a fair amount of EA games, and most shoot for 1 year (it looks like TU started April 2016), and never go longer than 2 years (so April 2018).

My educated guess, based on the roadmap projected dates, and general EA periods lasting between 1-2 years, and rarely longer puts it at: April 2018


We hope to leave Early Access in 2018.



Thank you :smiley: I wish you guys good luck on that goal. I hope TU gains a lot more players, 200-300 seems so low compared to what it deserves, especially once the rest of the projects are released.

You guys are quite good at communicating, both to players and the dev updates, something many others could learn from. Communication is one of the most important business aspects, so keep it up :3