Project Roadmap / Architectural Designs

Note: This is more for users who crave information, is not urgent, can wait after the Indiegogo, ect.

I think it would be nice, to have an official page or area, describing the project road map, and inner workings of Tower Unite.

Project Roadmap:
Quite simply, either a chart / graph / essay, something to show the community what is currently being developed. Having a project roadmap will show the community vital information about the direction the game is going in, and what to expect in the future. Something I quite liked about GMod Tower, was that you guys already sort of had a system in place, with Trello.

Architectural Designs:
Let’s be honest. Tower Unite’s underlying code and architecture is DRASTICALLY different from how GMod Tower operated. With user-hosted servers that also happen to sync inventory and Units across other user-hosted servers (Ranked Servers), to the way Lobby -> Condo -> Gameworld transitions happen, there is a lot that’s different. It would be nice to (once its finalized of course) have whatever design documents you guys have released for members of the community to learn HOW the game works.

Things like Server Operations (What the server does, when, why). How do game modes work? How do they talk to each other? Hell the development team can probably come up with even MORE questions than I can about this. But basically, releasing the plans/ideas for how the game WORKS and FUNCTIONS.

That’s just my suggestion to the team, and I’d be curious about how it’s received. I think this would squash alot of confusion about how the game works, and give people more of an insight about the technicalities of what is going on when they play Tower Unite. Who knows, I may be the only one who’s THAT curious :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll definitely be setting up a Trello for Tower Unite.

I’ll detail the architecture designs soon.