Project 23? Future of the current map


So it seems like project 23 will change the lobby forever! If so will players gain access to the old version of the map or will it go forever?


I think you could simply ask yourself if players have access to previous versions of the map already.


that doesn’t make any sense though.

there haven’t been any changes drastic enough to tower’s plaza server maps to warrant the ability to play on the old ones.

we might not be able to play on lobby 2 after it’s over, or maybe a server will still run it while project 23 gets fleshed out.

lobby 1 was easy to make into a condo as it wasn’t so focused on the shops, and didn’t have any / much plaza games so the basic functionality of lobby 1 was still kinda there

lobby 2 is almost entirely focused on the shops / plaza activities, that if it’s a condo it’ll be extremely bare bones compared to it now.

this is if PixelTail decides to make it into a condo at all, and if the change is extremely drastic.


There have been plenty of big changes. Some of these changes have even been removed. The blockouts behind the tower, the nightclub, the entire boardwalk was chopped off and remade in early development.
Your point about focus on stores and minigames is… Really poor and unstructured. A point could even be made that Lobby 1 was MORE focused on extra activities, because it had the arcade and more fleshed out minigames with Narnia and the bar (snowball) fight.
Making Lobby 2 or the Plaza as it is pre-P23 a condo is also pretty dumb considering it would discourage people going to the actual Plaza and would simply be more of the same. Lobby 2 is too similar to the Plaza to be a condo and too new to have a “nostalgic” property.


none of the changes you’ve listed are as drastic as a new / remodeled lobby (which is what people are speculating P23 is) and if the minigames were more fleshed out then if P23 is a new lobby then lobby 2 might have a fighting chance at being a condo.
and the plaza now doesn’t / will not have all the features that project 23 will have due to the upcoming achievements (possible exploration of the new plaza included) and ocean expansion (maybe an open ocean connected with P23 / dock)

there are plenty of features that could incentivize going to the remodel / new plaza.

Lobby 2 is the plaza, unless you’re referring to it’s GMod counterpart.


Keep in mind that not only is everything at the moment speculation, but P23 definitely not going to be a totally new Plaza. That’s simply too much work and restructuring to expect without the devs being public about it.
And again, there’s just not enough reason for the current Plaza or Lobby 2 (yes, these are separate and still different) to be condos. If they were, it would draw away more players, be kinda boring, and feels like a waste of time.
My reasoning for drawing away players isnt that the condo will have all the same features, because, it’s been confirmed by the devs multiple times that the features of the Plaza such as the casino and shops wouldn’t work on the connection of a player’s own hosted server (which condos are), because there are a lot of security issues connected to it. My reasoning is more that it would be more of the same, rather than the totally different existence of Lobby 1 as a condo, which serves the purpose of nostalgia and giving players a large but pre-defined building to build in. The current Plaza and Lobby 2 are already so full of stuff that, even when you hollow out stores and such, there isn’t much space to play around with building your own stuff. It’s also new enough that it wouldn’t have the nostalgic appeal of the original Lobby.
Your mention of extra features in P23 is sorta confusing, considering we haven’t had anything confirmed that is a new feature SPECIFICALLY brought in because of the restructuring of the Plaza. Sure, this would theoretically add more space for things (which is probably the purpose of it), but the only hint towards new achievements being doable is the wandering plushies around the map- which are already there. P23 is more (probably) of a way to open up possibilities, rather than to capitalize on those possibilities itself.
Also, do you really want Lobby 2 to be a condo? I’ve heard nobody else ask for such a thing, and it would be sorta pointless…

Yeah, it’s pretty clear that’s what I mean… What else could I be referring to?


I should have probably stated, this is a back thought in my mind, I don’t actually think that this will happen.

Project 23 seems like a huge change so even if there is a small chance, I am interested to know if it will actually happen


I never mentioned making it a whole new condo. I just said access. Maybe make it so you could change the item playground map or something


wasn’t item playground moved?


Temporarily. It is coming back, though.


It was dead weight really. Nobody wanted it and nobody needed it. Hope it’s better when it comes back


People used it and I think it was good for a bit of fun.


Oh right. I never saw anybody using it lol


HAH just so you know, the lobby 3 has been anounced


well that answers that


Yeah I saw that. I never said a condo however. I just mentioned access. Probably the same problem though


more hype is always a bad and good thing lol but still rip lobby 2 soon