Problems Redeeming Tower Unite on Steam

I backed Tower Unite with the $20 perk in mind, and was given the closed alpha a while back. Since then the email I had backed with had its inbox deleted and I wasn’t able to recover any of the messages lost. I’ve already sent two emails to but haven’t been responded to. I was wondering if the Steam code could be sent to a new email I made. Thanks.

The code is on the backer panel, if you have your details for that still.


If you go to the backer panel you can request your backer key via email.

I did the same thing because I didn’t think I thought the only thing that key was for was the closed beta… But the problem is that when I try to request a new backer key on and enter my email it just gives me an error and if I try it again I have to wait 10 minutes but it still happens again…

You need to use the email you backed it with.

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I did… and one time I tried a different one and it says “Email is not in the system” or something like that, but when I use the backer one it just says “Oops, something went wrong”

hey look, at least i got mac’s attention some how
dont hit me

PM me your email.

I can’t PM (private message,) I don’t think I’ve done enough on the forums…

As far as I know, PMing isn’t restricted.

EDIT: Nevermind. Took a quick look at the badges out of curiosity and new users cant PM.

wow I JUST got the ability to message lol

Working with @Zack_Moneys through PM.

Just realized there are two requests here.
@Arctic150 can you PM me your email?

Pretty sure you messed up that second tag. The second person has never even posted on the forums.

Fixed, I relied too much on the auto complete.

Yeah, I figured. That’s why I mentioned it.

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Great I am not the only one with the same exact problem! :
‘‘Oops, something went wrong!’’
Lost the message with all my keys and tried to get a new one sent to my backer email and it keeps looping that error. :cry: