Prizim Podcast! - Sept. 7th 2018!

Hey Howdy Guys! I’m gonna be streaming a TU podcast tonight at 11pm EST! Me, @Drrabbit @AmGona @Computrix and my friend Snooz are all going to be talking about last Friday’s Dev Stream and what our general reactions are to the upcoming 0.6.0 update!

Feel free to swing by at your Discretion! I’ll be playing A Hat In Time a little to test some things out With OBS for the time being until about 10:30pm. See you guys there!



Had fun, thanks!

fuck, i was asleep


Same D: I could have been a guest appearence because I have such a big ego that I think i could do that, also the stream has HELLA quiet!

yeah wish i could have joined that gaming sesh, i haven’t played a good game in gameworlds with a bunch of people in a week or so

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