Prizim podcast - game night this saturday!

So! Considering how successful the stream was last weekend (Thanks again to those who came), I’m spreadin the word early to let you guys know I’m doing Another Tower Unite Game Night This Saturday on my Twitch Channel!

I’ll be playing through each and every gameworld and its maps, and I’m inviting whoever would like to come to play with me Live on Twitch! I’ll be most likely be chatting with one of my partners, either @AmGona, @Drrabbit Or possibly a Brand New Guest!

Feel free to stop on by my Twitch Channel and follow, and to follow the links to my Discord and Twitter In order to know when the Stream Goes Live!

I look forward to seeing you all there!



nice a saturday hopefully i will be awake to watch and maybe join

Okie dokie

I’ll be sure to be there!

What time is this on?

the cool kid time


I need a serious answer

9pm Saturday Night. I’m also doing a short one now as a sort of preliminary game night.

Ok, thanks

Okay, but like which 9 pm?

i think in like east of america? maybe sooo…
GMT -5 maybe

Its 9 Pm EST. I live in Florida.