Prioritize non-medieval themed maps

GMT had a lot of great non medieval themed maps for UCH. It’d be nice to have maps with more variety from now on. If I’m completely missing the point and every map is going to be made medieval than just ignore this.

its unfortunate since with little crusaders, they have made it really medieval themed, so its kinda hard to make a industrial like map fit

but i do think they need to try make is less medieval, since there is only so much you can do with that,
how about slowly adding, weird maps like
a moon based map, where there is a castle on the moon or something

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Yeah, I mean with maps like Toybox they’ve already proven they’re down to do it.

Also, after posting this I read up on what maps are in store, apparently, they have map called: “Jurassic Pork”, in the works which I assume will be not medieval themed.

oh right, yeah toybox is not medieval at all actually