Previews of IndieGogo In-Game Perks?

Is there any way, prior to the end of the campaign, that we can see a preview of certain in-game items such as Midas’ Watch, Trophy, SFX, or where the brick wall with the inscribed names will be located? Perhaps some concepts?

I’m very interested in either the $60 or $75 tier, but on one hand I question the value received out of each benefit. Seeing as how I’ve got little funds to work with, I would love nothing more than to help contribute, but at the same time I want to feel as if I get my complete money’s worth.

Also, if any of these are available in the Alpha, could somebody create a video overview of what they’ve seen thus far?

The image below has a example of the Headphones and the Watch. The other objects have not yet been shown.

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Yeah, I’ve seen the pictures, but would like to know more of their actual effects and how they show in-game.

The watch looks great, but am curious as to what the furniture turned golden looks like, to see if it’s worth the $30 from “Power Gamer”.

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They most likely haven’t been made yet and they can therefore not show it to you.
You need to remember this is a game being made, it’s not finished where they are just releasing bits of it now and then

I’m uh, fully aware of that. The purpose of this question was to ask if there were any sort of preview. Thanks.