Preview Condos In the Store

I’ve always wanted to know what a condo fully looks like before I bought it. I know you could technically join another persons’ condo to see, but sometimes you cant find the condo you want, or the condo is just covered in random stuff that blocks some areas or something along those lines, that it makes it hard to see what it would look like vanilla. Could this be possible?

Isn’t there videos showcasing the condos?


There is, but some of them don’t show case everything, just main parts.

Actually, did we get a video this time around?

There is a video in the condo store for the theater, but it’s just a regular showcase video, not “That New Condo”.

There have been multiple condo preview suggestions before, and I still think the best idea is to let the player preview the condo by literally loading up the map and being able to walk around. Decorating or editing of any kind would be restricted, but this would certainly give players a much better idea of how they like a condo than any video could do.


That sucks. I hope they get around to remedying that when there is time to spare.

That’s what I was suggesting

honestly a crime, That New Condo (with Jeff) is what I look up to daily. We need to be able to have some sort of virtual tour where you can walk around in the condo you chose (but not place anything) for a set of time, and Jeff can explain what the room(s) are and their normal purpose.