Prevent 'camping' in Planet Panic

OK here’s the problem. One team can position a player at the other team’s spawn point who just spams fire. The dead player spawns at the place they died and is killed almost instantly again and again and well you get the idea.

Instead prevent camping by either random respawns or better still throwing the player who has just had a kill back to their home area or providing a period of invulnerability to a recently killed player.

Without some kind of change to prevent camping the game is virtually dead and no fun at all.

I’d imagine that, along with tons of other quality of life changes are most certainly planned.
Do note that the gameworld is in an alpha state.


As stated when you try to play, Planet Panic is undergoing an entire rework.
A few things I expect for quality of life:

  • Respawn 3 second invulnerability to prevent consistent spawn camping
  • An overheat mechanic to prevent spamming being a legit tactic.
  • Multiple ball locations / a repeating feed of balls spawning from a geyser, so there’s not a spam fest for centre point.
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We did it
We found the one singular problem with Planet Panic


I suspect there are other issues, one being that few people are actually playing so its hard to test.

Had a think about the fire spam issue, perhaps a solution would be to use the balls you collect as ammo? This would give 4 shots max, if a player dies on 5 hits they have a chance to run/ return fire.

This could be combined with the ability to spend the balls you have to heal yourself. So you collect balls, either return 'em to your base - or fire them at the opposing team or use them to heal - your choice. A ball used as ammo could return to the collection point(s) on a hit or bounce around for a while before doing so (say 5 -10 seconds) on a miss - allowing someone else to collect it. Balls spent on a heal would return to the collection point instantly.

Typing this I realise now that I have blown the 1 idea per thread rule - but what the hey, they are all related. (And you know what some relatives are like.)

No the ball spam is fine, with power ups going tobe added its balanced

An overheat meter would be better than ammo.
And tying the ammo to collecting balls would make your ammo limited, what if your team has every single ball in their side? Your team suddenly can’t get ammo unless you literally let the enemy steal from you or you purposely die to respawn with ammo.

And for health a regenerative health bar for not being in combat for [X amount of seconds] would be better, that would consist of not firing and not taking damage before your health starts to regenerate after a set amount of time.

As said already powerups are planned, so it’s not everyone using the same kind of attack for the entire match.

With the old [and still not released] dog and cat fort, the addition of powerups could enforce teamplay and defense a whole lot more. As offensive powerups could easily wipe through a fort and begin stealing with ease if a couple or few players don’t hold back to man the fort while others infiltrate or collect. As I can imagine some powerups will create minor subclasses like a temporary cloak, higher collection cap, infinite weapon cooldown, etc. Just a few ideas.