Pressure Plates and Tripwire

I would really like pressure plates to act as triggers. Essentially whenever a player steps on this, it will trigger a door to open, a TV to switch on or switch off etc. I can see so much potential with this idea, and I know that buttons will be getting more function, but when they are added, can we have them interact with TVs. I would also like to see an item with the same function, but just a lot less viable, trip wire. I’m mainly thinking of using this in shops, for example, once you go through the doors, you hit the pressure plate, which triggers a TV which is playing mall music or something. I’m super hyped about this idea, so sorry if this seems rushed.


I know there’s the vague idea there at the moment, but this is more specifically tripwires and pressure plates when they come round to it.

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If they do decide to work on the buttons lol

nah jk jk, but I do like the idea, it would be useful for people who make puzzle condos of some sort.
Imagine having to get an item to use on a pressure plate to escape a room or something like that.
and tripwires would be also nice to create traps lol.

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